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N 1:160
Bahngesellschaft DB
Epoche IV
Power system DC
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Fleischmann 740205
Set: railbus class 795/995

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Description & specifications

2 part set railbus class 795/995, DB, epoch IV.

With integrated headlights (at the top of the railbus)
Built-in interior lighting as standard

The FLEISCHMANN model is based on the single-motor rail bus VT 95 with the sidecar VB 142, which is shorter than the motor car. Today the DB still uses the VT 95 with the sidecar VB 142 as a museum vehicle. Since the sidecar had no equipment of the so-called driving trailer with driver’s cab, the rail bus could not not be used as a permanently coupled push pull train in 2-part operation and therefore always ran with "motor car ahead". So the motor car had to be changed in the destination station.

If you want to put this into practise on your model railway layout, you can replace the standard connections and attach the PROFI coupling 9545 via coupling rods to the vehicles of the rail bus. All you have to do is to remove the dummy of the "Scharfenberg coupling" with a small part of the front end.
Manufacturer: Fleischmann
Gauge: N
Railway Company:DB
Power system: DC
Anzahl angetriebene Achsen2
Interior Fittings:with arranged interior
Interior Fittings:with interior lighting
Coupler:Shaft NEM 355 with KK kinematics
Flywheel mass:Yes
Headlights:Triple headlights and two taillights, alternating with travel direction
Length over buffer:153 mm
Delivery Date:2019, KW 06
Manufacturer price:199,90 €

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