H0 1:87
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Noch 12843
tree felling

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Description & specifications

Let the chainsaws rattle!
sound scenes

With the sound scenes, you can turn your model railway into something really special. Due to the compact design of the electronics and the loudspeakers, the sound is created where it comes from in the original. For example, the ready-to-connect electronics can be installed in the forest or placed directly in the building next to the street musicians. You'll be surprised how realistic a sound sounds when it's in the middle of the action.
The "tree felling" scene provides even more reality on your model landscape. With pants, jacket, gloves and helmet in the colors green and orange, the figures wear the typical protective clothing of forest workers. Of course, a chainsaw for every worker should not be missing here either. In addition, the sound of a chainsaw with a starter can be heard.
The connection is made via a standard 16 V model railway transformer. The sound has a length of about 20 seconds. The item is also suitable for direct and alternating current.
To connect the sound module to a power source, connect the black cable directly to one of the two luminous flux outputs on the transformer. The red cable is connected to the other luminous flux output. Now the sound is continuous. If desired, you can also make the sound switchable. A switch or control panel (not included) can be used for this. Simply break the circuit on the red wire with this on and off switch.
Note: The volume of the sound cannot be adjusted. If you find the noise too loud, you can order a resistor for retrofitting.
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q4/ 2022
Manufacturer price:36,99 €