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Noch 21833
Spruce Tree, 14,5 cm high

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Description & données

Spruce Tree, 14,5 cm high

From the NOCH Profi-tree series:

The trees are available in scale H0, TT and N.

- The tree trunks are carefully coloured with a matt colour so that surface does not appear to be made from plastic.
- In order to give the tree more volumn, a fine weave is worked into the branches before they are flocked.
- The high-Quality NOCH Flockage is used for flocking the trees. The specially and elaborately coloured material resembles the leaves of real trees.
- Just like in real nature, the NOCH Model Trees only the finest branches carry leaves. The bigger branches are deliberately not flocked in the process.
Fabricant: Noch
Référence :21833
EAN :4007246218332
voie: Neutral
Date de parution :06/2018
Prix fabricant :6,99 €

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