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Vallejo 773823
Weathering Effect "Slimy Grime Light"

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Description & données

VA73823 - Weathering Effects: Environment "Slimy Grime Light".

The effects of humidity create textures of greenish mould and slime even on areas exposed to the sun. The lighter shade of Grime is perfect combined with Slimy Grime Dark to recreate streaking from light to dark.

Packaging: bottle 40 ml

Environment Effects:
VA73819 - Rainmarks
VA73820 - Snow
VA73821 - Rust Texture
VA73822 - Slimy Grime Dark
VA73823 - Slimy Grime Light
VA73824 - Streaking Grime
VA73825 - Crushed Grass
VA73826 - Mud and Grass Effect
VA73827 - Moss and Lichen Effect
VA73828 - Wet Effects
Fabricant: Vallejo
Référence :773823
EAN :8429551738231
voie: Neutral
Contenu de l' emballage:0,04 l
Date de parution :Q2/2016
Prix fabricant :5,69 €

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