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Vallejo 728531
Varnish Spray Matte

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Description & données

VA28531 - Premium Varnish Spray Matte.

Waterbased acrylic varnishes with new, quick drying formula, and an acrylic resin of extraordinary hardness and permanence. Protects painted models from dust and scratches, dirt and humidity. Acrylic Varnish should never be applied until the paint has dried completely (see note), and it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours. Varnish should be applied in fine coats at approximately four hours' intervals. Brushes or other utensils should be kept humid while working.
Characteristics: ModelColor Acrylic Varnish is presented in three types: Gloss, Satin or Matte. They dry rapidly, form a flexible film which is resistant and waterproof once dry, and will not yellow or crack.

Note: Normally acrylic colours dry quickly, but this depends a great deal on temperature, humidity, light and airflow, as well as on the surface on which the product is applied. If applied on an absorbent ground, water will evaporate quickly, but on nonporous surfaces such as acetate ,metal or plastic the evaporation of water content must occur through the coat of paint or gel, and when applying these products in thick layers for relief and texture, complete drying may take weeks.

Content: 400 ml
Fabricant: Vallejo
Référence :728531
EAN :8429551285315
voie: Neutral
Contenu de l' emballage:0,4 l
Prix fabricant :12,79 €


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