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Noch 60773
set "On the wayside"

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Every beginning is easy!
Vegetation starter set "On the wayside"

As mundane as it may sound: straight roadsides are not easy to reproduce perfectly in a model. On one of your next walks, take a look at what is growing and sprawling there! You will be surprised about the variety. Accordingly, the set contains gravel to design the path as well as lots of grasses, tufts and scatter material.

Exclusive vegetation starter sets

The application requirements for different vegetation in the model landscape are as broad as the range of products offered by the model building dealer. So it is sometimes difficult to decide which colors and materials to use.
Fabricant: Noch
Référence :60773
EAN :4007246607730
voie: Neutral
Date de parution :10/2021
Prix fabricant :16,99 €

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