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Busch 7342

Prix indicatif de fabricant: 4,49 €

3,21 €
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85,60 €
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A network of micro-flocking without a carrier fabric is made with a special manufacturing process. Thus the material can be plucked into irregular clumps or cut with shears or knife and attached with glue. The use of a little material can produce astonishing effects in the case of the creation of areas, e.g.: as small shrubs or plants to define pathways or the edges of a forest, or for adding foliage to shrubs and trees, etc.
Fabricant: Busch
Référence :7342
EAN :4001738073423
voie: Neutral
Dimensions (L x l):150 x 250 mm
Contenu de l' emballage:0,03750 qm
Prix fabricant :4,49 €

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