H0 1:87
Bahngesellschaft DB
Epoche III
Power system DC
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

ESU 36462
Type B4nb-59

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Description & specifications

Pullman n-Wagen, B4nb-59, 2nd class, DB Ep. III, silver, DC

For use in the Public transport but also for the reinforcement of express trains procured the German Federal Railways DB between 1959 and 1977 a total of more than 4800 cars in three layouts:

Pure 2nd class, 1st and 2nd class and control car with luggage and 2. class-metropolitan areas.

The car family has been assigned the generic letter "n". A prototype car already had the nickname "Silberlinge" responsible, unpainted outer skin with brushed peacock eye pattern. The lack of a coating reduced the weight by about two tons. For example, with a total weight between 27 and 30 tons, the second-class cars were at least 5 tons lighter than the 1936 pre-war express cars. \u003c/ B\u003e The initially installed axle generator type D62 limited the top speed to 120 km / h. The permissible 140 km / h
allowed for running were allowed to be driven by another type of axle generator or by the cars powered electrically by the locomotive. The DB procured in 1969 a total of 180 copies of the type Bnrzb724, which can be easily converted into hospital vehicles in the event of a disaster.

A striking difference to the previously manufactured cars is the almost vertical roof closure ("pitched roof"). The first control car had at the driver's end a transition opportunity to the next car, which is why the driver sat on the right side of the aisle in a draughty little Räumchen ("rabbit box").
From 1972 the DB received control cabs with a modern "Karlsruhe head". In order to make the public transport more attractive, the DB had from 1984 modernize several trimmings inside and painted outside in pebble-gray-orange and put them with matching 218 under the product name City-Bahn.

The success of the product prompted the DB, from 1990 to modernize other cars with newly upholstered seats, modified luggage racks and a new exterior paint. The result was a large number of different variants of the types referred to as
re-design cars, which were first painted in the then current Mint turquoise light gray. From 1993, the DB control car received on the railcar VT 628 commemorative driver's side, the "Wittenberger head".

In 2019, ie 60 years after commissioning of the first pieces of silver, there are still wagons in daily use.

• H0 scale models of the n-wagon Silberling
• Multi-colored interior fittings
• Separately seated benches
• Spring-loaded bellows
• Freestanding handle bars
• Steps at car ends and entrances as perforated etched parts
• Replica of wave wheel discs
• Multi-piece bogies with replica of the pad or disc brake system
• Axle bearing plates and half-axles for friction-free eight-point current collection
• Easy retrofitting of the seat carriage with an ESU interior lighting
• U-bolt in slot-guided standard shaft
• Optional AC wheelset under the Item No. 41200 available
• Trafficable minimum radius = 360 mm
• Length over buffer = 303 mm

replaces 36460
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: H0
Railway Company:DB
Power system: DC
Interior Fittings:with arranged interior
Interior Fittings:Interior lighting can be retrofitted
Navigable minimum radius:360 mm
Length over buffer:303 mm
Delivery Date:Q4/2019
Manufacturer price:69,90 €

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