H0 1:87
Power system DC
PluX22 Decoder (NEM 658)
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Brawa 44535
Genus RZW DABpbza 787.2

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Description & specifications

Double-decker trains have successfully formed the backbone of regional transport for many years. Double-decker trains are the ideal solution, particularly on routes with short platforms and high passenger numbers. The tried-and-tested single-car concept of the TWINDEXX Vario double-decker fleet is now being supplemented by an electric multiple unit. Bombardier Transportation will deliver 16 Bombardier TWINDEXX Vario multiple units with regional train equipment to Deutsche Bahn AG. The new four-car multiple units of the Do 2010 generation each consist of 2 railcars and 2 intermediate cars. With the newly developed powered TWINDEXX Vario railcar, the trains can now also be used purely as double-decker multiple units. This means that, in addition to classic push-pull operation with an electric or diesel locomotive, it can also be used as an electric multiple unit. Depending on the application and the desired capacity, this railcar can be combined with an intermediate car and a control car. The central buffer coupling enables operation in double traction and thus the implementation of a wing concept. The trains with a combined high and low entry are comfortably equipped with generous seat spacing and plenty of storage space. The double-deck single wagons also allow the lengthening and shortening of the train set and thus an adjustment to fluctuating demand or future developments. They can therefore be used for a wide variety of operational applications in regional and long-distance transport.

model details

-Exactly in 1:87 scale
-Prototypical length via Scharfenberg coupler
-Construction made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic
-Metal base plate
-Printed window frames
-Perfectly fitted windows
-Illuminated train destination displays (digital)
-Lighting with warm white LEDs
-Illuminated driver's cab
-To scale detailing
-Extra mounted wipers
-Three-dimensional front faithfully reproduced
-Multi-part bogies
-Finest printing and painting
-Complete interior fittings, including driver's cab
-Short coupling recording according to NEM
- Light change red/white, changing in the direction of travel
- Axles stored in metal
-ZugBUS: Automatic detection of the leading and last vehicle in the train; control and programming of all functions; Detection of braking sections
-ZugBUS functions are only available in digital mode
Manufacturer: Brawa
Gauge: H0
Railway Company:DB AG
Power system: DC
Digital Interface:PluX22 digital decoder socket
Coupler:Shaft NEM 362 with KK kinematics
Length over buffer:303 mm
Navigable minimum radius:360 mm
Interior Fittings:with arranged interior
Headlights:Triple headlights and two taillights, alternating with travel direction
Delivery Date:Q4/2022
Manufacturer price:99,99 €

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