H0 1:87
Power system AC
Nota según la directiva de seguridad de juguetes de la UE 2009/48/CE: Atención, no apto para menores de 15 años.

Märklin 29199

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Descripción y datos

The big play set all about the adventures of Jim Button, Lukas, and their two locomotives Emma and Molly. Equipped with light and sound, the four adventurers are going on a joint adventure trip into the unknown.
With the Märklin Power Control Stick, everything works at the press of a button.
Get on board with Jim and Lukas and the exciting trip begins...

Contained in the set:
Emma steam locomotive with Jim Button, Lukas, and Molly as toy figures, a complete track setup of 112 x 76 cm / 45" x 30", a switched mode power pack, and the Märklin Power Control Stick.

Digital Functions: Emma with a headlight Running sounds Dialog of Jim and Lukas © (2018): Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH / Malao Film, Inc. / Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH As well as the Website: jimknopf.de

The theme extension sets 44819, 44821, and 44822 are ideal to expand the theme world of "Jim Button".

Jim Button and the Wild 13 from the movie of the same name based on the story by Michael Ende.

Toy locomotive in a handy size just right for children.
Roof can be removed.
Light and sound included.
Jim Button, Lukas, and the small Molly as toy figures.
Märklin Power Control Stick.
Easy to set up C Track layout.
Relex coupler on the back of the locomotive for fast and easy coupling to the cars.
Fabricante: Märklin
Código artículo:29199
vía: H0
Sistema de corriente: AC
Decoder digital:mfx
Ejes de tracción:1
Longitud entre topes:100 mm
Luz delantera:2-Spitzenlicht vorn
Fecha de aparición:09/2020
Precio del fabricante:149,99 €


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