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Welberg Scenery PW263
Tufts Late Summer

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Descripción y datos

Landscape mat "Late Summer" with tufts (weeds).

Mat-dimensions: approx. 21 x 15 cm; fiber length: 2 - 6 mm

A bigger mat with the dimensions 30 x 21 cm is under item-No. PW263CF available, a mat without weeds unter item-No. P263C resp. P263CF.

The different seasons are characterized by the codes 1A (spring), 2B (summer), 3C (late summer), 4D (early autumn), 5E (autumn), 6F (late autumn) and 7G (winter).

For the processing of the mats shears / cutters are suitable, as well as tweezers for the design of the tufts. Depending on the substrate, you can use landscape adhesive for fixing the mats.

- Innovation 2017 -
Fabricante: Welberg Scenery
Código artículo:PW263
vía: Neutral
Dimensiones (LxA):21 x 15 cm
Altura:2 - 6 mm
Color:Verano tardío

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