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train station Kupferzell

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Historic Train Station »Kupferzell«

Product information "Historic Train Station »Kupferzell«"
Building kit for the Kupferzell train station (built in 1892). This was the first standardized railway station constructed primarily on branch lines for the Royal Wuerttemberg State Railway. Between 1892 and approximately 1903, 59 such stations were constructed. The central room was an office and, on the above floor, the residence for the manager. On one side was the waiting room and ticket office and on the other side was a freight or goods shed. The original building was moved in 1989 and was rebuilt at the »Hohenloher Open Air Museum Wackershofen« (www.wackershofen.de) and can be viewed there today. The model shows the construction methods and the varying surfaces excellently. Many details such as the wooden sideboards, doors, shutters and window frames are made of genuine wood. The gutters and downpipes are plastic and the roofing with ist various materials is realistically copied. Inside lights (Article 4280 and Article 5987) can be installed.

Building: approx. 286 x 90 mm, 135 mm high
Base plate with freight ramp: approx. 515 x 150 mm
Fabricante: Busch
Código artículo:1468
vía: H0
Dimensiones (LxAxA):286 x 90 x 135 mm
Dimensiones (LxAxA):515 x 150 mm
Precio del fabricante:149,00 €

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