H0 1:87
Nota según la directiva de seguridad de juguetes de la UE 2009/48/CE: Atención, no apto para menores de 15 años.

Noch 15410
Priest and Altar Servers

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Descripción y datos

The Figures Set »Priest and Altar Servers« contains six Altar Servers and one Priest, which are all in scale 1:87 (scale H0) and hand-painted.

On every model railway layout a scene with a church can be shown. Matching this, there is now a priest who holds the mass. Also his »assistants«, the altar servers are not forgotten. They wear the typical gown, consisting of a red skirt, white gown and collar.

One altar boy holds a large cross and also the censer is used in the many masses.
The priest wears a liturgical garment and matching stole around his neck while holding the mass.

An altar boy (from the latin »ministrare« - to serve) or server is a liturgical assistant in the Roman Catholic Church. The Codex luris Canonici dated 1917 requested in Can. 813 that the presence of a altar boy was compulsory in the celebration of the Holy Mass (source: Wikipedia).
Fabricante: Noch
Código artículo:15410
vía: H0
Precio del fabricante:14,49 €

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