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Noch 08752
Snow Paste

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Snow Paste

Create your winter wonderland! The Snow Paste converts objects and landscapes on your layout into a real-life winter wonderland. The silky, shimmering paste is applied with a spatula or a brush and isdried after 2-3 hours. But the Snow Paste can also be formed by hand, for example in order to imitate a snow heap, snow drifts or snowmen. It can also be applied on trees and bushes, if you dilute it with water. In order to put some snow on roofs or on very smooth grounds we
recommend you first apply a layer of NOCH Snow Glue (ref. 61138) and after drying, then use the Snow Paste.
Fabricante: Noch
Código artículo:08752
vía: Neutral
Fecha de aparición:09/2013
Precio del fabricante:13,29 €

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