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Vallejo 771194
Weathering Set

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Descripción y datos

MA71194 - Model Air Weathering Set for airbrush.

Liquid acrylic colours developed especially for airbrush techniques. The formula contains a new acrylic resin with properties until now impossible to obtain in a waterbased acrylic.

The resistence, hardness and covering power of Model Air is superior to any known acrylic for airbrushing.

Model Air adheres exceptionally well to all surfaces. The adhesion of Model Air to resin models, plastics, steel and white metal is extraordinary. A primer is usually not needed; if the object to be painted is very dark, a base coat of white or grey will help bring out the luminosity of the colours.
Fabricante: Vallejo
Código artículo:771194
vía: Neutral
Contenido:(16x) 17 ml
Precio del fabricante:47,99 €


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