Tamiya 500908113
Paint killer

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Paint Killer Paint Remover

The Wonder Product!

This paint remover all X and XF paints, AS and TS spray paints, PC and PS Lexan paints and many other paint systems up to 2 -K paints. \u003c/\u003e The hammer is that these paints are removed without attacking the carrier material such as plastic, Lexan, Resine, metal or model glazings. \u003c\\\u003e Trials have shown that even 10-year-old Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint Effortlessly remove paint from tanks, aircraft or similar models. This means that annoying paint misadventures from the past can be easily retouched. Of course, older polycarbonate paints can be removed as well.

Contents: 100 ml
Fabricante: Tamiya
Código artículo:500908113
vía: Neutral
Contenido:100 ml
Precio del fabricante:10,79 €


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