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Woodland Scenics WBR4955
Rustic Cabin

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Descripción y datos

Whether you're looking for a getaway in the woods or a home with some country appeal, the Rustic Cabin is the perfect place to sit back and relax in a rocking chair.

The Rustic Cabin features old board and batten siding, a covered porch and shake shingle roof. Two rocking chairs on the porch provide a convenient location to watch a sunrise, and a milk can sits off to the side. Additional features include a pile of wood to prepare for cold nights, a wood stove pipe, a bent TV antenna, and an electric meter on the back of the cabin.

This Built-&-Ready Landmark Structure comes with a pre-installed LED porch light made for use with the Just Plug Lighting System.

Kit includes:
1 Warm White Stick-On LED
Fabricante: Woodland Scenics
Código artículo:WBR4955
vía: N
Dimensiones (LxAxA):44,4 x 41,2 x 38,1 mm
Precio del fabricante:51,95 €


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