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Nota según la directiva de seguridad de juguetes de la UE 2009/48/CE: Atención, no apto para menores de 15 años.

Noch 66507
Burning Brothel

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Descripción y datos

Very Hot Stuff!
Burning Brothel with micro-sound and Light Effects

In the heat of the moment, something must have got too hot: a fire has broken out in the brothel! And it’s really putting both the girls and their guests off their stride. Everyone runs out of the burning building in a panic; some have clearly not even been able to save their clothes. Fortunately, nobody in our ideal model world is injured, and everyone
gets over the shock and perhaps even comes away from it with a smile. LEDs with light effect control, which imitate the flickering of the fire, are built into the beautiful villa. The kit also contains a sound chip with the ladies’ flustered screams. Some cotton wool will provide for thick clouds of smoke!
The model is limited to 1,000 pieces. Includes a numbered certificate, detailed instructions and special Laser-Cut Adhesive.


Laser-Cut Kit Burning Brothel,
6 exclusive Figures,
Light effect electronics with 4 LEDs,
Sound module and loudspeaker,
Numbered certificate,
Detailed instructions,
Laser-Cut Adhesive

15.5 cm x 15.4 cm, 11.4 cm high
(13.7 cm high with sound module)
Fabricante: Noch
Código artículo:66507
vía: H0
Fecha de aparición:März 2022
Precio del fabricante:154,99 €

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