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Noch 22120
Iluminated Christmas Tree

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Descripción y datos

Iluminated Christmas Tree with 20 LEDs, snowy 8 cm

Charm of Christmas

The Christmas Tree is the centre of attention at every Christmas party. Either a small tree in the living room or a large tree on the market place in the middle of a Christmas market, as soon as the lights go on, Christmas spirit is guaranteed. The Christmas Trees contain warm white LEDs which shine in a pleasant warm light, similar to a light chain with bulbs.

The indicated scales of the trees are only recommendations. You may also use the small tree for scale 0 or position the large one on the town square in scale N. Create your own individual landscape!

The connection is made to the light flux output via a usual 16 V transformer, suitable for AC/DC. Alternatively the operation is possible with a 12 V plug-in power supply (500 mA, AC/DC).
Fabricante: Noch
Código artículo:22120
vía: Neutral
Fecha de aparición:10/2018
Precio del fabricante:29,99 €

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