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Noch 58031
Interior Tunnel Walls curved

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Descrizione e dati

Interior Tunnel Walls curved

2 pieces, 10 cm long suitable for all radii

Looking into a tunnel on a model railway layout, you will mainly see a black hole. The new Interior Tunnel Walls made of high-quality structured hard foam will give your layout a realistic touch. Thanks to this innovative product the interior wall of the tunnel is covered with stone like the original.

The pack contains one left and one right tunnel inner wall with a length of 100 mm each.

The stone structure of the interior tunnel walls corresponds to the well-known NOCH hard foam series «PROFI-plus Stone Wall»
Fabbricante: Noch
N. articolo:58031
Scala: H0
Contenuto:2 Stk.
Lunghezza:100 mm
Prezzo del fabbricante:28,99 €