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Noch 07450
Natur + Arable Land

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Descrizione e dati

Natur and Arable Land

For the decoration of the scenery, 10 Grass Tufts are also included.

The Natur +Arable Land can be heated up, e.g. with a powerful hairdryer, and
then can be carefully shaped to form. So, it is possible to use it also on uneven terrain.
Along with all the other NOCH Hard Foam products, the Arable Land can
also be cut with a sharp knife (e.g. carpet knife).

Also suiteable for TT.
Fabbricante: Noch
N. articolo:07450
Scala: H0
Dimensioni (LxL):21 x 19 cm
Data di pubblicazione:04/2015
Prezzo del fabbricante:18,99 €

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