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Busch 51214
Framo V901/2, box van

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Descrizione e dati

Framo V901 / 2 "Zircus Olympia"

Circus Olympia
In 1935, the artist Harry Barlay (real name Reinhold Kwasnik) from the bankruptcy of the circus Alberty founded the circus Barlay. In 1947, after the end of the war, the game operation was resumed, managed by the escape Barlays to West Germany in trust, and thus assumed the magistrate of Great Berlin. In 1960 the company was renamed Circus Olympia because it was a founding member of the VEB Central Circus. Due to a multi-year ČSSR tour, the circus was renamed again Circus »Berolina«. Until the fall of Berolina under director Hans Bernsdorf (from 1974 to 1990) developed into the most modern large circuses of the CMEA countries. After the Bernsdorf era in 1991, the two circuses Berolina and Busch were merged to form the Circus »Busch-Berolina«. Only a short time later, the name rights of Circus Busch were sold to the owner of the circus »Busch-Roland«. Thus the enterprise firmierte up to the attitude of the play enterprise 1992 under the original name Berolina. Since 1996, the name Berolina has again been run by a large circus, once called "Belli".
The circus cars are mainly vehicles that transported equipment and personnel from place to place and also acted as 'advertising vehicles'. Occasionally large loudspeakers were placed on the roof to announce the circus loudly in town and country.

Year of construction 1954
Fabbricante: Busch
N. articolo:51214
Scala: H0
Vorbild (Land)DDR
Data di pubblicazione:3/2019
Prezzo del fabbricante:24,99 €

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