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Tamiya 300074031
Decal Scissors

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Decal Scissors

These Tamiya Decal Scissors are made of high quality carbon steel and are perfect for two major applications.

The first application is for cutting out your paper decals from a plastic model kit. The sharp carbon steel and fine point makes it easy for trimming the most intricate of decal designs. Note: The sharpness of the scissors will last long if used for paper decals only. Do not use for vinyl stickers like the ones found in an R/C car kit.

The second application is for trimming R/C racing rubber tires. R/C racing rubber tires are generally soft and flash from the molding process needs to be trimmed away. Using Tamiya's carbon steel decal scissors makes this task easy and quick for both on-road and off-road rubber tires. These scissors may also be used for modifying rubber tires to suite the needs of the racer. Often times a racer may need to build a tire for a unique track condition. To do this the racer generally needs to precisely cut the tire that they are modifying and the Tamiya carbon steel decal scissors makes this task easy.
Fabricant: Tamiya
Référence :300074031
EAN :4950344062188
voie: Neutral
Prix fabricant :24,49 €

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