Schönwitz 04-03-07

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Description & données

Flux and reduction agents for superlative soft soldering.

Key Points
Even safer in composition than pure rosin, but its soldering properties are by far superior
Sparing on material
Amazing reaction speed
Tried and tested in surface tinning and soldering metals such as brass, steel etc., which are difficult to solder
No rigid ratio of solder and flux, unlike soldering wire
By using flux and solder seperatly one hand stays free and can help fixing parts
Tried and tested in research, technology, amateur radio and hobby applications
For electronics quality!
Unlimited life
Has stood the test for five decades
Löthonig® solves difficult soldering problems
Fabricant: Schönwitz
Référence :04-03-07
EAN :2000000317124
voie: Neutral
Réseau électrifié: Tous
Contenu de l' emballage:7,5 g
Prix fabricant :5,49 €


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