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Issue 47

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This time there is a small main topic:
Building with new and still little-known techniques. 3D printing is not entirely new, but it is quickly establishing itself in model making and just as quickly in 0 gauge.
In Spur Null Magazin there is not only a special discussion forum, but also a download area where you can find interesting templates for accessories. The article highlights a few facts for beginners.

Also available for a long time, but surprisingly little used in zero-gauge model making: Styrodur, not to be confused with Styrofoam. The material is very useful and versatile not only for landscaping, but also for smaller details. A few facts and tips can be found in the current issue.

There are also two construction reports: One shows in easy-to-understand steps which modifications are necessary to turn a blunderbuss into an Era III construction train wagon, including aging and lighting . Another construction report highlights an unusual building: a free-standing engine shed, based on a model from the Aachen area Spur Null Days in Gießen in October 2021. In close cooperation, but independently of each other, the makers have created a remarkable showpiece that sets standards for exhibition facilities in 0 gauge.

Not all, but a number of innovations that are related to the Spielwarenmesse 2022, which this time will again take place virtually had to are also in the magazine. The pace of innovations has slowed down a bit due to the pandemic, but you can still look forward to new projects.
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Data di pubblicazione:02 / 2022
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