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NEM 651 Decoder
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ESU 64613

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Description & données

LokPilot V4.0 M4, Multiprotocol MM/DCC/SX/M4, 6-pin plug NEM651, cable harness

Operational modes
The LokPilot V4.0 M4 is multi-protocol decoder meaning it speaks all common data formats such as DCC, Motorola® and Selectix as well as M4.
In DCC mode 14-128 speed steps are possible, as well as 2- and 4-digit addresses. You can activate up to 28 functions. Thanks to RailComPlus, the decoders will be automatically recognised by a suitable command station. It is able to control all DCC programming modes und thus can be driven and programmed by all DCC-compatible digital command stations. CV values can be read out on the main track with corresponding command stations, thanks to RailCom®. There are indexed CVs for command stations which are only able to program CVs from 1-255. Motorola users benefit from up to 28 speed steps with 255 addresses. Three further Motorola addresses allow the activation of 16 functions. The installed programming mode makes re-programming with the venerable Control Unit 6021 also possible. The M4 protocol ensures an automatic recognition of the decoder by mfx-compatible command stations (e.g. Märklin Central Station or mobile station).
Reprogramming of M4 decoders is still possible with the mentioned command stations, like with original Märklin decoders. The LokPilot V4.0 M4 decoder auto-detects the known Märklin braking sectors as well as the ZIMO HLU braking commands or the Lenz ABC system. Braking with DCC brake generators or with DC (“Brake on DC”) is supported. Furthermore you will be able to stop your train by using the Selectrix braking diode. The LokPilot 4.0 decoder can be used for both analogue DC or AC locomotives.
The decoder automatically switches between the different operating modes “on-the-fly”. In most cases one does not have to adjust anything.
Fabricant: ESU
Référence :64613
EAN :4044645646137
voie: H0
Interface digital:Elektrische Schnittstelle für Triebfahrzeuge nach NEM 651 mit Steckvorrichtung
Dimensions (Lxlxh):21,4 x 15,5 x 5,5 mm
Ausgangsstrom1,1 A
Date de parution :Q1/2013
Prix fabricant :38,40 €

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