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Noch 61230
Rock Former

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Rock Former "Zugspitze".

In order to fill the form fully, you will need 350 ml of the PROFI Casting Compound. The PROFI Casting Compound is also available separately, ref. 60918 (1000 g equates to 800 ml pourable mass).

Prduct of the new NOCH Rock Forming System. It contains six different rock formers with the dimensions of 24 x 12 cm. The NOCH PROFI Casting Compound has been developed specially for this purpose.

A special inner coating in the casting mould ensures easy release of your rocks after hardening. The packaging of the rock formers is also designed to be used as a stable casting frame.

Highlights of the NOCH Rock Forming System:
· Favourably priced: Cast any number of rocks from every form
· Perfectly formed: NOCH PROFI Casting Compound for the finest surface structure
· Smart: Casting frame allows smooth forming from the mould
· Innovative: Special internal coating for easy removal
· Super realistic: Colouring with NOCH Nature Paints

- Innovation 2017 -
Producent: Noch
Nr artykułu:61230
Skala: Neutral
wymiary (długość / szerokość)24 x 12
Data wydania:Q3/2017
Cena u producenta:14,79 €