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Noch 71910
"St. Sebastian"

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"St Sebastian" Model Landscaping Guidebook German, 120 pages

How to Create Your Own Little World! Discover all the tips and tricks in the »St. Sebastian« Guidebook!
The new NOCH Guidebook for Model Landscaping »St. Sebastian« offers you many tips and tricks for the assembly and decoration of your own model landscape with the latest NOCH products. Over 120 pages, our professional modeller Karl-Heinz Echteler assembles a wonderful model layout which is detailed and easily explained step by step.

Starting from the frame construction of the layout with TERRA-FORM up to using the special modelling compound, a landscape is created which is decorated afterwards. Use of the NOCH Gras-Master 2.0 is explained as well as the creation of forests, water, rocks and much more is described in detail. Of course tips and tricks for the decoration of a landscape are also freely offered.

The Model Landscape Guidebook »St. Sebastian«, contains detailed text and many photos, but also includes QR links to videos which you can watch on a smartphone or tablet. In order for you to easily build the »St. Sebastian« layout you will also find in the guidebook a track plan and a shopping list of the required products for each chapter.
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Data wydania:Q3/2015
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