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Hornby HP2020
Main catalog 2020

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Description & specifications

Innovations 2020 from the brands Arnold, Rivarossi, Jouef, Electrotren and Lima Expert.

In the current 2020 catalog, we have put together a wide selection of models for you.
In addition to some very interesting color variations, there are also a lot of new shapes waiting for you.
An overview of the most important new molds for you:
• Electric locomotive BR 181 of the DB in different versions, pages 6-7
• Electric locomotive Rh E.656 of the FS in different versions, pages 15-16
• DEV Inox coaches of the SNCF in different versions, pages 30-32
• 2-axle gas tank cars in different versions, pages 36-37
• Arnold TT form variant Köf II, pages 57-58
• Arnold TT DR Rekowagen 2- and 3-axles, pages 59-63
• Steam locomotive 040 D SCNF, BR 81 SNCB / NMBS, page 67
• Jouef Loisir's EAD X4300 / 4500 diesel railcar from the SNCF, pages 89-90
• 4-axle gas tank wagons from RENFE, page 100
• Electrotren Hobby diesel railcar Rh 596 in different versions, pages 111-113
• Steam locomotive G8.1 (BR55.25) in different versions, pages 115-116
• FS 2-axle gas tank wagons, in different versions, page 146
Lima Expert:
• Diesel locomotive Rh D.445 of the FS, in different versions, page 159
• Diesel multiple unit ALn 668 of the FS, in different versions, pages 160-161
• Electric locomotive Rh E.464 of the FS, in different versions, page 162
• 4-part basic set ICE 1 by DB / DB AG (car supplements will follow later), pages, 163-164
• “Vivalto” passenger coach of the FS, in different versions, pages 164-167

200 pages
Manufacturer: Hornby
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:Q1/2020
Manufacturer price:10,00 €

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