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Handbook: Model railway signals - construction & connection

The track system has been set up, the points are being set, the first trains are running on a trial basis, and yet something crucial is still missing - the signals. In the prototype, semaphore and light main signals show the engine driver whether and at what speed he is allowed to drive on the upcoming track section. With the model railroad, the "locomotive driver" sits at his controller and doesn't actually use any signals, because he controls the trains via the voltage on the track and on sight. Nevertheless, most model railroaders want their layout to be prototypically equipped with signals. But what are the signals, what do they mean and where do they have to be set up?

This brochure explains the main current-controlled model signals, shows you the prototypical installation location and gives specific tips on how to switch them in analogue or digital form, from the block circuit to the shunting signals and level crossings. It is not a signal book in the sense of DS 301/DV 301 of the DB, DR and DB AG.
The publication focuses primarily on the Viessmann signals of the nominal sizes H0 and N that are sold by Roco/Fleischmann. However, older models or signals from other manufacturers and nominal sizes can also be set up and connected according to these instructions. In addition, the meaning of some train, shunting and side signals is discussed.
The suggested circuits have primarily been developed for DC model railways, but most of them can also be used on AC layouts with minor adjustments.
Manufacturer: Roco
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:2017
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