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Battletome: Seraphone

The cold-blooded Seraphon want to implement the grand plan of the ancients, their ancient and mysterious creators. They are totally committed to the destruction of chaos and show no mercy to those who stand in their path. Led by the Slann, the cohorts of brutal Saurus are supported by nimble skinks and huge giant reptiles. Those who oppose them soon face the callous wrath of the cosmos.

With Battletome: Seraphon, the power of the heavens is at your command! This book of rules, illustrations, and background is your complete guide to these vengeful lizardmen and their monstrous armies. Learn why the seraphons came to the mortal realms and how their society works, from the celestial beings known as the star-born to the wild lizards of the realm-formed. Discover their story, let yourself be inspired by a selection of powerful and thematically appropriate rules, including allegiance skills, magic lessons, artifacts and more, and raise your own army.

Perhaps you use the magically charged force of the starborn Speraphon and teleport across the battlefield, bombard your enemies with spells and call reinforcements from the temple ships into battle. Or you set up an experienced troop of the empire-formed and tear your enemies apart in close combat with wild anger. Or maybe you'd rather use loads of stegadons and that's it. The decision is yours! To aid you with your army, this book also includes tips on collecting, a sample army, stunningly painted miniatures, painting tips, and rules for Path of Glory.

This 104-page hardback book contains:
- The history and origins of the Seraphon - from their discovery in the Aether Void by Dracothion to their conquests and the reshaping of the mortal realms
- Backgrounds and illustrations that bring the world of Seraphons to life
- Tips for collecting Seraphon and rules for using them in battles
- Allegiance abilities that give your army a plethora of combat traits, general traits, artifacts of power and unique magic teachings
- A battle plan depicting the surprising heavenly intervention of the Seraphon
- Thematically appropriate rules for the four most famous seraphone constellations - sub-factions with their own additional special rules
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
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