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Lumineth Realm Lords

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Broken Realms: Teclis

Archmage Teclis leads his Lumineth armies into battle against the Great Necromancer to save the empires. Nagash brought a ghastly era of spirits to the mortal realms as the power of death increases. Only now, in the darkest hour, does the light of the Lumineth shine. Teclis, Aelf god of magic, leaves his beloved realm in Hysh to wage war against the Ossiarch realm - but in doing so provokes a counter-attack that could destroy his sovereign territory. Who will win this duel of arcane power?

The next gripping part in the "Broken Realms" saga swings from Morathi to Archmage Teclis and his Lumineth Realm-lords, who take a risky venture against the Great Necromancer. The unfolding story will have a massive impact on multiple factions, including the Lumineth Realm-lords, Maggotkin of Nurgle, and the Forces of Death - changing the balance of power in the mortal realms once again. Discover new ways to play your Warhammer Age of Sigmar games, as well as rules for new units, battalion scrolls, and more.

This 152-page hardcover book contains:
- The stirring story of the dangerous campaign of the Lumineth Realm lords against the entrenched legions of death - illustrated with stunning new illustrations
- New rules for the Lumineth Realm lords, including a batch of units from the Hurakan Temple. This book provides complete rules and background for each newly released unit, so it can be used in conjunction with the first edition of Battletomes: Lumineth Realm-lords.
- Loyalty skills for Cities of Sigmar and Lumineth Realm-lords to represent Xintil, a Free City in Hysh, as well as the Great Nations Alumnia and Helon
- Deadly Roads Rules - Fight in the cramped space of cities in the mortal realms
- Six battle plans and "Realm of Battles" rules to recreate the events and locations of the story
- A set of battalion scrolls and rules for Cities of Sigmar, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Lumineth Realm-lords, Flesh-eater Courts, and Ossiarch Bonereapers

Important NOTE:
If you already own a copy of the original Lumineth Realm-lords Battletome, Broken Realms: Teclis gives you everything you need to fully update your Lumineth Realm-lords army, in addition to groundbreaking new background and artwork . The updated Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords includes the Lumineth content of this book, making it a handy compilation if you'd rather have everything in one place.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
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