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Disaster trains

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German Reichsbahn and national defense
Disaster trains, hospital trains, Soviet military trains

Author: Klaus Bossig
256 pages with 275 illustrations
210 x 297 mm

The national defense played in the GDR undoubtedly a paramount role. It therefore had to subordinate itself to all other public institutions - including the German Reichsbahn.

The new book documents the involvement of the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the system of national defense of the GDR. In detail, author Klaus Bossig presents the tasks of the DR in this system as well as the support of the troops of the Soviet armed forces in the GDR. In addition to the transport of soldiers and war equipment of all kinds, the Reichsbahn was also responsible for the transport of wounded. These were initially discovered hospital trains of the Wehrmacht, before they were replaced in the mid-seventies by new vehicles. In detail, the vehicles of the disaster trains (or short K-trains) and the hospital trains (L-trains) are described, which were present after 1945 in existence of the GDR railway administration. Finally, another chapter is devoted to the prisoner collection van.

With this new book, author Klaus Bossig closes another important gap in the history of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.
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Data di pubblicazione:2019
Prezzo del fabbricante:49,90 €

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