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Tillig 09588
Track system catalog

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Description & données

H0-ELITE-Track system
H0-Advanced track system
H0-H0m / H0e-Three-rail and narrow-gauge track
Article " Combination of regular and narrow gauge"
H0m-Bedding track system brown
TT-Bedding track system grey
Article „plant design in TT track with expansion potential“
TT-Advanced track system
Article Workshop TT-Advanced track
Article Workshop STYROSTONE
STYROSTONE-Track bedding
H0-H0m / TT-Tram track system
Article Workshop Tram track

Article „construction of a layout“
Accessoires & spare parts
List of importeurs and dealers in foreign country
Fabricant: Tillig
Référence :09588
EAN :4012501095887
voie: Neutral
Date de parution :April 2019
Prix fabricant :3,50 €

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