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Märklin 44117
Märklin my world – Car Set

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Description & données

Prototype: Car set consisting of 2 container transport cars loaded with airport "Jettainers".

- Two freight cars
- 8 removable "Jettainers"
- "Jettainers" can be opened and loaded
- "Jettainers" can be loaded and unloaded with the loading belt on the airport building
- 10-part set

Model: The container transport cars have magnet couplers. The "Jettainers" are sturdy and designed for children. They can be opened and loaded. The "Jettainers" can be loaded and unloaded playfully with the loading belt on the 72216 Airport Building from the "Airport" theme world. Total length of the cars 33.6 cm / 13-1/4".

The diesel locomotive available under item number 36101 is just right to assemble a train as well as the freight train starter set, item number 29309.

Can be used to expand the my world "Airport" theme world with the 29307 "Airport Express - Elevated Railroad" starter set and the 72216 Airport Building.
Fabricant: Märklin
Référence :44117
EAN :4001883441177
voie: H0
Longitude:33,6 cm
Date de parution :3. Quartal 2019
Prix fabricant :16,99 €

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