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Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Märklin 72219
Märklin my world – Fire Station

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Fire station with many play options on several levels and different variations for connections to the track, as a building kit for children.

- Maximum play enjoyment with a building kit that can be plugged together, that is designed for children and that has all kinds of play options.
- Together with the "Fire Department" starter set, you will have a versatile world of play that will thrill children.
- Playing on several levels.
- Different variations for connections to the track for Level 0 and Level 1.
- Imaginative playing with many built-in play options on the building.
- Light and sound function.
- Batteries are included.
- Fire Department vehicle included.
- Compatible with the Majorette Creatix road system – thus many additional play options.

The Fire Station offers many different play options and has a battery-operated light and sound function. It also has numerous built-in manual play functions: an elevator, an auto garage for shooting out autos and many other play functions. The two building halves can be positioned in different angles by means of a rotation point. Different variations are possible for connections to the track. One option is to use the track for the Märklin my world Elevated Railroad in combination with the Fire Station. The building can be combined with different and multiple track patterns at the same time by using the different variations for connections to the track on Level 0 and Level 1. The road connections are compatible with the Majorette Creatix road system.

The Fire Station can be plugged together as a sturdy building kit and is therefore suitable for children ages 3 and above. A sheet of stickers and assembly instructions are included. Batteries are included. The Fire Station comes in individual pieces. Dimensions: 77 cm long x 45 cm wide x 33 cm high.

The Fire Station is the ideal add-on for the 29340 "Fire Department" starter set.

Fully compatible with [majorette creatix] – thus many additional play options
Fabbricante: Märklin
N. articolo:72219
Scala: H0
Dimensioni (LxLxA):77 x 45 x 33 cm
Data di pubblicazione:3. Quartal 2019
Prezzo del fabbricante:34,99 €

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