H0 1:87
Power system DC
Informacja w kontekście Dyrektywy WE o zabawkach 2009/48/WE:  Uwaga, nieprzystosowane dla dzieci poniżej 15 roku życia.

Roco 70757
Diesel locomotive 218 418-2

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190,67 €
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196,10 USD
Dostępne z magazynu, termin dostawy 1-3 dni robocze
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Opis i dane

Diesel locomotive 218 418 of the Deutsche Bahn.

■ For the first time with Plux22 interface
■ In elaborate “Tourism” paintwork
■ Lettering of the “Südostbayernbahn” enclosed as decal
■ Use in front of goods and passenger trains
■ The headlights can be partially or entirely switched off with a DIP switch
■ Z21 driver's cab available
■ Wheelsets with 1.2 mm wheel flanges available as spare parts (items 145433 and 145435)

From autumn 1995, the locomotives 103 220, 218 416 and 218 418 were given a special livery for use in the Deutsche Bahn's tourist-train. So two trains in the unique "Water-Land-Sun-Sky" design with specially converted carriages headed for different destinations in Germany and the neighbouring countries. From 2003 to 2006, the Südostbayernbahn used the 218 418 with its colourful design on the RegioNetz railway network.
Producent: Roco
Nr artykułu:70757
Skala: H0
Spółka kolejowa:DB AG
System elektryczny: Prąd stały DC
dekoder cyfrowy:brak
Data wydania:KW 48 / 2021
Cena u producenta:226,90 €


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