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The History of NMJ

NMJ- Norsk Modelljernbane was established 7.11.1979 and will celebrate in 2019 its 40 year anniversary. NMJ started as a mail order company in vicinity of Oslo, at Bjørkelangen in the area in Norway which still had manual telephone system. NMJ had Bjørkelangen Nr. 76!!. After 1 year I and NMJ moved to Sørumsand, the start pointing station of the 750 mm narrow gauge Urskog Hølandsbanen UHB, today parts of it is a museum railway.

The 1st of September 1981 the NMJ shop was established in Strømmen, 20 km east of Oslo Strømmem with the old train/tram factory was the railway metropole of Norway and this was to become a center some saysicon for also model trains for many years. Special attention and famous was the NSB El 11 electric locomotive front coming out the wall. It was a complete drivers cabin as it was during the years in service.

After many extensions during the years, from 64m2 in 1981 to 365 m2 shop and 350 m2 office and storage in 2013, even more space was needed. And the shop and storage had to be split up. The shop was moved to Ensjø in Oslo, just 3 metro stops away from Oslo Sentralstasjon, were NMJ today have 750m2 shop with model trains, accessories and technical hobby.

In 2010, due to the very high shipping cost from Norway and Sweden we established the company NMJ Europa. This was needed in order to be competitive on the European and overseas markets. The NMJ Europa have complete stock of all NMJ models, which enabled us to send cheap and fast to all customers in Germany, Europa and overseas.

Main storage was in 2012-2013 moved to Åmål, a very nice little small town on the western side of the Vänern lake, the 3rd largest lake in Europa and we have the line between Gothenburg and Karlstad and a railway museum as our nearest neighbors. Here we have ca 1400m2 storage, packing room and offices.

In 2004 our first web-shop was launched, and this was a great success, enabling people all over Norway and Europe to order Norwegian and Scandinavian models easy and smooth.

In 2013-2014 the new NMJ-Web shop with many new practical functions was launched and are under constant improvements and are updated for today`s standard, adopted for Smart Phones, Ipads etc, enabling people to see and to order on of the most innovative web-shop. Different and easy payment solutions with maximum security gives the customer confidence.

The company are runned by the fownder. Finn G. Moe a his son Knut Moe, both long term train enthusiast and model train enthusiasst. As NMJ Europa Heinz Reich are in charge, also he a long time train and model train enthusiast. Real model trains is not just another business, it is a passion. NMJ are really “PASSION FOR TRAINS,” not only words but a slogan with real meaning behind it. Look at the models, read the catalouges, 188 pages, and you will see!!

NMJ present today 4 different series of models for dedicated modelers enabling people to collect, to recreate the history and to enjoy the highly detailed and perfect small replicas of the real prototypes.

Superline Series, short presentation.

Superline are handmade brass models with all possible detailing, perfect paintwork and lettering make Superline to a historic document of earlier rolling stock. All models are made in several version from the original delivery version and to last version before scrapping, all based upon documentation of every period and type. Superline models are today sold exclusively by NMJ direct. Fantastic running performance make Superline to real pleasure to have.

Some models to be mentioned: 1988: Model of the Dovregiant, a 2-4-2 steamer, 2660 HP, 154 tons to take the heavy train over the Dovre mountain in Norway. Co-operation with Lemaco.

1998-2002 the famous Nohabs and Kartoffelkäfer in HO was offered in many versions from Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium and Hungary. Today were high priced collectors’ items.

2002-2003 Nohabs and Kartoffelkäfer in O Gauge.

2004 NSB El 14 electric Co-Co Messing, 203,9mm, 6 axels driven

2005 the Bergen-Line steam locomotive type NSB Type 31b, a masterpiece that was launched both in HO and O Gauge.

2010 the NSB El 2 classic electric fro 1922, was launched.

2012 the NSB Steam engine type 18c 5 different version some sold out after 10 weeks

2013 the NSB Steam engine type 39, messing, Lob 215,8 5 axels driven

2018 NSB BM68, 3 car unit EMU with nothing the 5 decoders to handle all functions.

NMJ Topline

NMJ Topline models are high quality, highly detailed models of locomotives, coaches and freight wagon of Norwegian, Swedish with some European models as well, made in plastic but after the same criteria’s as the Superline models. This series started in 2006 with the B3 series and the SJ B1/B5 passenger coaches made in different versions enabling people to run correct Scandinavian trains in models from many periods.

The first locomotive was the NSB El 17, one of most detailed models of an electric locomotive.

In 2010 the classic electric NSB El 13 followed with 6 different body versions!!

2011 El 11, the Norwegian RE4/4 type 1, 4 different body versions.

2013 Nohab/Kartoffelkäfer, 8 different body molds, with insert 13 different all correct bodies possible: NSB Di3a, DSB My, SNCB 203-202-5407-5404, CFL 1602-1601, MAV M61, Swedisch TMY, German TMY/V170 etc etc with specific details.

2018 O Gauge Nohab and Kartoffelkäfer

NMJ Skyline

NMJ Skyline are models of houses, station, kiosks etc available both as high-quality laser cut kit and as readymade ready painted models. This series include also sets of figures most need inside models and on railways stations, special edition of model cars, Norwegian traffic and old Norwegian posters, all the create activity and add realism to the layout.

We wish all customers welcome to the NMJ-World of models.

Finn G. Moe