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Christmas Crib

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Scenery Set "Christmas Crib",

The Scenery Set for crib modellers contains a Laser-Cut kit in typical alpine style with all necessary figures. Beside Christ Child in the cradle, blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph, ox, donkey and the Three Wise Men from the Orient, Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar are included in the set. Accessories as Scatter Material, Grass Tufts and a Mini-Gras Mat for decorating the crip scenery are enclosed in the model kit. This Scenery Set in scale 1:87 is not only suitable for railway modellers: with the containing material, the crib is also an ideal item for creative hobbyists and diorama-builder.

· Laser-Cut Kit »Crib Figures«, 11 x 6 cm, 5 cm high
· Figures Set »Crib Figures« (ref. 15922, 11 figures)
· Scatter Material, brown, 42 g (ref. 08440)
· 20 Grass Tufts, green
· Mini Grass Mat, green, 28 x 22 cm

- Innovation 2017 -
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