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Vollmer 49412
Silent Night Memorial Chapel

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Silent Night Memorial Chapel with LED lighting and artificial snow, functional kit

Christmas without the song Silent Night! Christmas Eve! unthinkable. On December 24, 1818 was the first time that Franz Xaver Gruber, organist and village school teacher, and Joseph Mohr, priest in the Church St. Nikolaus in Oberndorf near Salzburg, performed first time the song. Turn of the century the Church St. Nikolaus was demolished and the Silent Night Memorial Chapel was built. The original Silent Night Memorial Chapel scale Z Vollmer kit is equipped with extra parts, e.g. a small LED for interior lighting and artificial snow. Dimensions: L 5,2 x W 3,7 x H 8 cm.
Tillverkare: Vollmer
spår: Z
Abmessung (LxBxH)52 x 37 x 80 mm
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