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Mountain Shelter, Laser-Cut minis Kit

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Mountain Shelter, Laser-Cut minis Kit

Spending a few days in a mountain shelter is the ultimate in countryside holidaying. At night, the sky full of stars is even brighter, because there is no neighbourhood. It's so calm, that you only hear the noise of the trees and the trickle of the mountain creek. In the morning the cowbells ring and in the shelter life awakens slowly. Ideal for people who like to spend their holiday on the countryside or even better, in the mountains.

This Laser-Cut minis kit is ideally suited for modelling in miniature on a model railway layout. The scenery is even more realistic and there is no limit to your creativity.

Length: 65.00 mm
Width: 60.00 mm
Height: 42.00 mm
Tillverkare: Noch
spår: H0
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