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Busch 1016
Concrete Wall

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Concrete Wall

The concrete wall can be used to surround buildings, open plazas, etc., or as GDR border wall (e.g. in connection with the Busch No. 1015 Watch Tower). The wall consists of 12 mm broad and 35 mm high sections, which can be joined together. Overall length 57 cm. Supplied inclusive cut-out sheet with warning signs (border) and/or typical advertising posters and placards. The graffiti designs from the Busch set No. 6035 are ideal for additional decoration. The individual components correspond to the retaining wall elements type UL 12.41 of the "new" wall of 1979/80 and the model also includes the typical concrete wall chamfers at the base. An original wall element is 3.6 m high, 1.2 m wide and weighs approx. 2.6 tonnes.
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