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Noch 87000
Layout "Meran"

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Beschrijving & Gegevens

Layout "Meran"

· Dimensions: 750 x 505 mm, approx. 130 mm high
· Track plan included (ref. 59000)
· Laser-Cut kits for bridge and avalanche barrier included

The layout is supplied without an electronic controller, briefcase, tracks, locomotives, wagons and decorations.

The easiest way to your dream layout!
If you are dreaming of a model railway layout, but do not have enough time and space, or dexterity, you do not need to stay without a layout of your own: At NOCH you will find a wide range of preformed layouts.

Delivery Form
NOCH Preformed Layouts can be assembled in short time without special knowledge as they are delivered ready-to-use. The »landscape«, a plastically formed plastic model, installed on a stable wood frame is realistically coloured, varnished and grassed. Tunnel portals and mounting holes on the sides are bored, tunnel bases are appropriately cut. A lot of preformed layouts contain an additional complete bridge kit. A track plan is included in the delivery.

Every preformed layout (except extensions and layouts with structured hard foam) contains a DVD guide »Preformed Layouts«. You get all the relevant information you need for the assembly of a NOCH Preformed Layout. For track setting, check the supplied track plans, which advise about the track course of the different model railway products as well as electronic connection. To create a very realistic landscape on your layout, you receive a special parts list with fitting accessories. You may also create your layout according to your own preference.

Even if you wish to "expand" your layout, it is possible. Nearly all NOCH Preformed Layouts are standardized, meaning: you choose the required extensions or combine various preformed layouts. This way you can extend to the left, right, front and (with a Shadow Station System) below. In the event of the finished layout being temporarily not in use, the »lightweight« layout can easily be transported or left upright standing in a stored position.
Fabrikant: Noch
Spoor: Z
Fabrikantprijs:229,99 €

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