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Woodland Scenics WFL631
Flock Wild Honey

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Beschrijving & Gegevens

Flock Wild Honey.

Static Grass Flock is a fiber product that models grass and/or weeds. It is available in six colors and can be used alone, or with Fine Turf. Place under trees, along ditches or as forest litter.

Use Wild Honey to create dormant or dying grasses or weeds.

Content: 57.7 in³ (945 cm³) Shaker
Fiber length: 1/16" - 1/8" (1mm - 3mm)
Colour: Wild Honey

Fabrikant: Woodland Scenics
Spoor: Neutral
Länge1 - 3 mm
Farbewilder Honig
Packungsinhalt945 cm³
Fabrikantprijs:14,40 €