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Cow Pasture with Sound

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Cow Pasture

Here Comes the Sound!
Add life to your model landscape! This has so far been missing from the huge NOCH range: the happy mooing cow.

You can hear happy cows mooing.
Sound Scene with »Muuuh, Muuuh!«.

Thanks to the compact construction of the sound module with the loudspeaker the sound can be installed in the model landscape where it originally comes from, e.g. in a building.
You will be surprised by the realistic sound reproduced in the centre of the action.
The connection is made via usual 16 V transformer. Suitable for AC/DC.

How to connect the sound module to a poser source: Connect the black cable directly to one oft he two light current outputs oft he transformer. Connect the red cable to the other light current output of the transformer. Now you can hear a permanent sound. If desired you can make the sound switchable. For this you can use a switch or a control panel (not included in the scope). Interrupt the electric circuit with this on/off switch at the red cable.

Note: The sound volume is not adjustable. If the noise is reagarded as too loud, please order ref. 91900 10 Ohm Resistor for NOCH Sound Scenes for installation.
Fabrikant: Noch
Spoor: H0
Fabrikantprijs:34,99 €

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