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Busch 6136
High-trunk Spruce Trees

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Description & specifications

High-trunk Spruce Trees

»Save our forests« Plant Busch Trees Busch presents spruces of a superb quality: lifelike drooping branches, delicate construction from the root to the crown of tree, simulated needles created using special micro fibers and trunks with authentic grain and fine root system. Even tiny cones are supplied that can be glued to the larger trees. The impression is captivating when viewing a complete model forest with appropriate lighting: Just as in nature, the light breaks through the points of the branches creating a realistic impression down to the romantic illumination of the undergrowth and forest floor. The new spruces offer an outstanding value for the price so it is possible to create a realistic forest.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Height:130 mm
Package content:2 pcs
Manufacturer price:10,79 €

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