H0 1:87
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Joswood 23021
Angel house

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Friedrich Engels' birthplace

Friedrich Engels * November 28, 1820 in Barmen (today part of Wuppertal)
† August 5, 1895 in London was a German philosopher, social theorist, historian, journalist and communist revolutionary. He was also a successful entrepreneur in the textile industry. Together with Karl Marx, he developed the social and economic theory now known as Marxism. *

As a new model in our series of Bergische houses we offer the Engels house, the parents' house of the young Friedrich. The slate house, built by Eberhard Haarmann in 1775 in the "Bergisch late baroque" style, is an outstanding example of the type of upper-class Bergisch half-timbered house.

Kit H0 (1:87). Finely engraved slate structures, beautiful portal with lavishly designed skylight, protruding outside staircase with wrought iron railing.
Completely scaled model Dimensions in mm: L 195 x W 168 x H 190.
Manufacturer: Joswood
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:09 / 2021
Manufacturer price:128,00 €

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