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Noch 58280
Granite Walls

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Description & specifications

Granite Walls

wall height 2.0 cm, pillar height 2.2 cm,
total wall length 105 cm

The Perfect Boundary for Model Plots

Walls made of hard foam!

Hard Foam Walls like the »Wall from Granite« are perfect boundaries for model buildings, fields, plots and the like.

The Walls are made of high-grade NOCH Structured Hard Foam and thus look extremely realistic.

Another advantage of NOCH Hard Foam is that it is easy to work with.The Walls are separated from the support plate with a craft knife. The remains of the wall can be used for wall closings, paths, walls, retaining walls and other wall details.
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q2/2020
Manufacturer price:18,99 €

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