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Faller 130158
air rescue station

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Description & specifications

Ready for use around the clock.
Modern air rescue base for ambulance and rescue flights, consisting of a helicopter hangar for maintenance and mission preparation, a service building with operations center, technical and recreation rooms for the crew and an EC135 helicopter.
Accessories for the design of the rescue station, such as a mobile platform, windsocks, antennas and a tank system are included. Moving miniature worlds.

The highlight of the model are various movement functions that represent the sequence of operations: when the enclosed switch is actuated, the hangar doors open, the platform including the helicopter moves out and the rotor blades of the helicopter begin to turn. If you press it again, the rotor blades run down and stop. Accordingly, the platform including the helicopter can be driven back into the hangar and the gates close. If the gates and the platform are in motion, a warning light flashes.

Drive parts, control, three motors and a switch are included in the scope of the kit. The connection is made to 5 V DC. For operation, use the FALLER »Transformer 50 VA 50-60Hz«, Art. 180641, or for power supply via an existing USB port, use the »USB 2.0 cable, type A plug to open end, 2 m«, Art. 180731.

This kit contains: 373 individual parts in 13 colors, window parts, 1 curtain mask, 1 decoration and 1 set of building instructions.
Manufacturer: Faller
Gauge: H0
Dimensions (LxWxH):402 x 267 x 112 mm
Delivery Date:Mai 2023
Manufacturer price:379,99 €


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