H0 1:87
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Busch 1962
functional building

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Description & specifications

Functional building from the 1970s
This building with its functional design can be used both as a fire brigade or THW vehicle hall, as well as for vehicles from rescue services, building yards and as a production hall for trade and industry.

Inside, the hall on the lower floor and the premises on the upper floor are separated by a ceiling. The upper floor is divided into 2 rooms by a wall with a door opening.

Thus, the kit is very suitable for the installation of an interior.

There are large roller doors (non-moving) on one long side of the building
in different sizes (small gate 29 x 32 mm, large gates each 37 x 43 mm.
drive-in depth 100 mm).

All-round row of windows on the upper floor. All window frames made of real wood, already colored. Filigree rain gutters, downpipes and replica of the roof covering.

Can be illuminated with Busch LEDs 5998.
Size: 150*115mm Height: 96mm
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:05/2023
Manufacturer price:59,99 €

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